How do I know if I am having a stroke

How do I know if I am a having stroke

How stroke occurs?

Stroke occurs when parts of your brain do not have an adequate blood supply. Stroke prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients, and brain cells die within minutes. 

When a blood vessel ruptures in the brain, a stroke occurs in the brain. If the stroke is treated medically from the beginning, the damage to the brain can be reduced. More people die of stroke now than in the past.

It is more effective if treated immediately after the onset of stroke.

How do I know if I am having stroke

1. Difficulty understanding what other people are saying. 

2. Can obscure your words. . 

3. Numbness in your face, arms or legs or paralysis in the  face,arms or legs.

4. Stroke can cause headache, vomiting, dizziness. 

5. There is difficulty in walking. 

6. The body is out of balance.

Reasons for having stroke

There are two main reasons why stroke occurs.

1. Ischemic stroke (blocked artery) . 

2. hemorrhagic stroke 

Ischemic stroke 

This stroke occurs when the blood vessels in the brain become narrowed or blocked. Ischemic is a common type of stroke. Fatty deposits cause narrowing of blood vessels. 

These fats accumulate in the blood vessels or form blood clots that pass through your bloodstream and stay in the blood vessels in your brain. 

Hemorrhagic stroke 

This stroke occurs when the blood vessels in your brain rupture or leak. Hemorrhage can occur due to many conditions. 

Hemorrhagic stroke can be treated with medication and by reducing the pressure inside the brain. Mini stroke Mini stroke is a mild stroke. 

A person recovers quickly from this stroke. This stroke is known as transient ischemic attack or TIA. 

TIA reduces blood flow to the brain. The TIA stroke heals in about an hour. 

The following conditions can cause hemorrhagic stroke

1. High blood pressure 

High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke. 

2. Tobacco

Tobacco or smoking can cause a stroke. 

Cigarette smoke builds up fat in the main arteries of  your neck which thickens your blood and can even cause blood clots.  

3. Heart disease 

If you have a defective heart valve or irregular heartbeat, it can cause a stroke. 

4. Diabetes 

diabetes can damage your blood vessels. If you have high blood sugar, you may have a stroke. It can damage your brain. 

People with diabetes may have high blood pressure. They also weight more which increases your chances of having a stroke. . 

5. High cholesterol

High cholesterol is also a major cause of stroke. Your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to produce vitamin D because the liver already produces 80% cholesterol for the body. 

Eating rich foods every day can make your cholesterol levels very high.

Risk factors

1. Age

As we get older, our arteries become narrower and harder.

2. Medical condition

Medical conditions can increase the risk of stroke. Stroke can be

caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol.

3. Lifestyle

Our lifestyle affects the risk of stroke. Things like alcohol, unhealthy
foods, being overweight and smoking damage the blood vessels
which can increase your blood pressure and lead to blood clots.

4. Family history

If someone in your family has had a stroke, you need to have regular

diabetes check-ups as well as weight control.

Common complications

1. Inflammation of the brain

 Brain swelling occurs after a stroke.

 2. Pneumonia

 Pneumonia or shortness of breath after a stroke.

 3. Convulsions

 Abnormal electrical activity in the brain is responsible for the

cause of the stroke.

 4. Bad source

 Pressure ulcers that reduce movement.

 5. Limb contractions

 Not exercising causes the arm or leg muscles to shorten.

 6. Shoulder pain

Unable to work with the hand, the hand is pulled over the

shoulder which causes shoulder pain. Weaknesses can also cause


Survival measures

Take the following steps to avoid their risk before a stroke occurs.

Blood pressure

If blood pressure is not controlled, the risk of stroke increases.

High blood pressure is the biggest contributor to the risk of stroke.
Get your blood pressure checked and treated.

Your ideal is to try to bring your blood pressure below 120/50.

How to control blood pressure?

 Do not use more than half a teaspoon of salt in a day. Avoid saturated fat foods. 

A fish, low-fat dairy products and whole grains can be taken two to three times a week.

Weight loss

Being overweight increases the risk of stroke. If you are overweight,

losing 10 pounds will reduce your risk of stroke.

* Your goal;

Consult a doctor if your body mass index (BMI) is 3 or less.

* How to lose weight?

Going for daily walks, playing sports like golfing or tennis. Increase
the amount of exercise you do. Don't eat more than 1500 to 2000
calories in a day.

* Exercise regularly;

Exercising regularly can help you lose weight and keep your blood
pressure under control.

* Your goal; 

Exercise 3 days a week.

* How to exercise?

If you do not have 30 minutes to exercise, divide it into 10 to 15
minutes each day. 
Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a walk every day, start a fitness club with friends.

* If you drink;

If you drink more than 3 drinks a day, the risk of stroke increases.

* Your goal;

Do not drink alcohol.

* How to control not drinking alcohol?

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, give red wine the first choice

as it contains resveratrol which protects your heart and brain. Do not

drink more than 1 glass of alcohol a day.

* Treat arterial fibrillation.

Arterial fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat that causes blood clots to

form and increases the risk of stroke.

* Your goal;

Treat them if you have arterial fibrillation.

* How to treat them?

Check with a doctor if you have difficulty breathing or increased

heart rate. If they have arterial fibrillation, they need to take blood


*Treat diabetes;

Diabetes damages blood vessels which can lead to blood clots.

* Your goal;

Control your diabetes.

* How to control diabetes?

To control diabetes, you need to take special care of your diet and

take regular medication and exercise. Get checked by a doctor


* Quit smoking;

Smoking thickens the blood. Smoking accelerates blood clots.

Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of stroke.

* Your goal;

Try to quit smoking as soon as possible.

* How to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking requires a lot of effort. Consult a doctor to quit

smoking. Take nicotine pills or get counseling to quit smoking. With

constant effort you will be able to quit smoking.


If someone has a stroke, do the following.

1. Call 911;

If you notice any symptoms of a stroke, you should call 911


2. Note the time;

Make a note of what time the stroke occurred. If someone is

experiencing a stroke, a drug called a tissue plasminogen activator

may be given, but within 6 hours of the onset of symptoms.

3. Do CPR;

If someone who has had a stroke becomes unconscious, check their

pulse and breathing and call 911. Perform CPR until the ambulance

arrives. You can ask the 811 dispatcher how to do CPR.

Things not to do when someone has a stroke;

* People who have a stroke get a lot of sleep but it is dangerous to

fall asleep in a stroke so do not let the person who has had a stroke

sleep and talk to them.

*Do not give them medicine, drinks or food;

Do not give them any kind of medicine, food or drink till the

ambulance arrives as stroke affects their ability to swallow.

*It is advisable to call 911 instead of taking someone else to the

emergency room.

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