Mucor mycosis Treatment : Home Remedies, Symptoms And Ayurvedic Treatment During Corona Pandemic

Mucor mycosis Treatment
mucormycosis treatment

Ayurveda is a medicine thousands of years old. It contains thousands of descriptions of each disease, and treatment by Ayurvedic sages.

Today, after the Corona epidemic, the problem of mucosal mycosis is arising. That mucor mycosis is described in the chapter on 'Deworming' in Ayurveda. This is a type of fungus. Another name for mucor mycosis is "Black Fungus".

A similar problem was seen during Corona's first wave. And when Corona did not have name-marks. Even then, Mucor's cases were seen. But throughout the year, only 8 to 10 cases of mucosal mycosis were seen, and only those with high HIV-AIDS diabetes, those with an organ transplant, and those with very low immunity. 

But in the first wave of corona, people who have been given oxygen in the corona, given steroids, given remdesivir, and whose diabetes has exceeded 200 mg ..... were found to have an infection of mucor mycosis.

But Corona’s second wave is seeing a lot of change. This time mucor mycosis is also seen in people who are undergoing corona treatment at home. This time one or two such cases have also been seen. It has also been found in 15 year old and 15 year old children.

Mucor fungi are present everywhere in the environment, in plants, in soil, in plants. But if our immunity is good, the mucor can do nothing to us.

The reason for mucosal mycosis after corona is that even after recovery from corona, the patient's immunity to corona is very low for a temporary period of time. Mucus fungus attacks only patients with such low immunity. 

Even those who have corona once with snag symptoms, their immunity is down, in addition to those who have corona but no other symptoms have been seen in  patients also have Down Immunity. 

Mucormycosis is currently entering only through the nose and mouth. So people with coronary heart disease or coronary heart disease should take the following precautions for 1 to 2 months now. Caution is the best treatment.

1) Do not consume bread at home. If bread arrives, finish using it on the same day.

2) Do not keep stale bread in the bread box. Always use hot and freshly baked bread.

3) There is always fungus in the soil, so do not do ginning or planting right now. If you have to water the plants in the garden, wear a double mask.

4) Use freeze items on the same day. Do not eat vegetables etc. the next day.

5) Check that there is no fungus in the rubber band of the freezer etc. or inside the freezer. Always keep the freezer clean.

6) Do not sniff and check any desert food. Such as mango, bread, lentils etc. are good or spoiled, do not smell it as it gives negative pressure. If there is fungus in the spoiled food, the fungus will go into the nose as soon as we sniff it and it will affect patients with Down Immunity immediately.

7) For covid patient in the hospital, if the cooler is running or Deses, cooler is on and it is not cleaned properly, it can also cause mucus. So running it with a fan and giving it to a patient who is on oxygen by passing 05 through the water greatly reduces the chances of fungus.

Patients who have tested positive for corona should wear a double mask when going out for at least 6 months after becoming positive.

- Stay away from soil, dust or fungus.

- The water coming from the tap can also contain fungus, so always drink boiled water.

- Rest completely, get 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

- To be happy, to be happy, to be positive.

- Eat hot food - Eat fresh food. Do light exercise.

- To do pranayama in the morning.

- Ayurveda's immune booster drugs should be continued during the epidemic.

- To reduce the consumption of G.B. and run the work with a fan


Prevention is more important than treatment in mucous mycosis. In which,

1) Take 2 gms of crystal ash, 10 gms of Haridva churna (ayurvedic) and 20 gms of Saughav (ayurvedic), put fern oil in it and make a paste and brush it on the teeth. So as to avoid ainhkirbauh in the teeth.

2) Apply 2-3 drops of hexagonal oil or atomic oil in the nose every day, to avoid infection from the nose. If it is not available, add 2 drops of cow ghee.

3) Add Carom seeds and salt in the morning and evening and take its steam through the nostrils.

4) When taking steam, keep in mind that the steam should be taken out through the nose through the mouth and taken out through the mouth through the nose.

5) The patient can also be asked to sniff ginger, cut fruit powder as the main vein. After inhaling the vapor, the first nasal spray should be given to the patient and then atomic oil etc. should be injected into the nose as an antidote / nasal spray. 

6) The use of Ayurvedic antiseptic drugs must be continued during the epidemic as per the advice of experts, because if the antiseptic is effective, new viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot spoil anything.

7) In addition to this, even if ginger seeds like mug seeds are placed near the nose, it is very beneficial to prevent this infection.

Let's talk about the Symptoms that can occur when this disease starts to occur,

1) Headache can occur on the left or right side only.

2) The eye becomes heavy.

3) The nose becomes heavy.

4) Swelling near the nose.

5) The vaccine seems to be coming out of the gums.

6) Most of the time the teeth are moving. There is pain in the teeth.

7) It seems that the vaccine is coming out of the teeth.

If all these symptoms appear, consult doctor immediately

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