Worms Symptoms: Cause, Treatment, Diet And Disadvantages In Children.

 Worm disease is very common in children nowadays. Every parent needs to know enough about this disease. every determine wants their youngsters to be healthful and fit.

 Worms are a particularly common disease in pediatrics. 

There are many types of worms. Such as, (1) long and round (2) like thin strings (3) like fine hook (3) like flat strip. 

Some types of worms cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be seen with a microscope.

We generally believe that children who overeat are more likely to have worm problems. 

If worm disease is not treated properly, it can adversely affect a child's digestion and development.

Worms Symptoms

Causes of Worms: 

There are many causes of worms. Deworming also produces mainly sweets, excessive consumption of sweets, playing in the soil, eating mud, eating contaminated stale vegetables, playing in the dirt, eating more crushed rams etc. and eating jaggery items and eating with dirty hands without washing the baby's hands and feet. doing.

Worms Symptoms:

 Worm infestation, anorexia, paleness, irritability, gnashing of teeth in sleep, frequent abdominal pain, urination in bed, hives, occasional overeating and loss of appetite are common symptoms of worms.


(1) Worm disease can be eradicated by stopping worm-borne worm-like substances such as jaggery and consuming worm-infested herbs mentioned in Ayurveda as per the advice of an expert.

Chili peppers are used in special quantities in anthelmintic herbs.

(2) Drink only boiled, swallowed water, it is also necessary to be careful about food. Vegetables, fruits should be given only after washing. kids have to no longer be allowed to play within the dirt anywhere. Hands and feet should be washed thoroughly with soap after going to the toilet. You should make it a habit to wash your hands and feet before eating.

(3) Worm patients should not eat milk, yoghurt, meat, ghee, leafy vegetables, sour and sore throats.

Doing the above remedies is definitely beneficial in worm disease.

Apart from this, I am also talking about the cough of children here today. Allergic cough or overeating is often seen in children during the change of seasons.

In addition, coughs are more common when children eat cold foods such as ice cream, greasy and flat foods, bananas, yogurt, etc.

In this disease,

(1) it's far useful to take honey and behda("Bibhitaki") powder in identical proportions with honey.

(2) Put turmeric in milk , boiled and drink it.

(3) Cough is relieved by dipping the powder of lumps in milk and drinking it boiled.

(4) make a juice by mixing Malabar nut and Holy basil leaves with honey which gives relief in cough.

(5) Ayurvedic medicine like Lavengadi Vati , Eladivati ​​and Khadiradivati, one of these is taken as per the advice of an expert to reduce the speed of cough.


Eat nutritious, light and hot food in this disease. Water from old rice, vegetables, sorghum, kale, fenugreek, prawns and ginger is beneficial.


Do not eat cold items, damp places, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, frozen items. Direct air from the fan or AC is harmful.

Drinking turmeric milk, black pepper milk is very good for cough. Regularly for 3 months, take 3 black pepper powder in milk and drink it, it is good for cough.

There is no doubt that any ayurvedic treatment started on the advice of an expert can quickly control such diseases in children.

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