6 Cool Long Hair Style Boys You Should Try In 2022

Using male hairstyles for kids is a trend that has spread rapidly. By the 1980s, many American girls had short straight hair. 

Some female hairstyles now enjoyed by grown women are aimed at girls. In the past few years, short hairstyles have become popular.

Long Hair Style Boys

The Benefits of Long Hairstyles

A long hairstyle can be very relaxing. While it may not be possible to completely avoid stress and strains, it is likely that a relaxed hairstyle will make it slightly more bearable. 

Not only that, but many people view long hairstyles as being very attractive. That is certainly the case for boys as they typically see the boys they look up to wearing their hair in a certain way. 

Many parents have an image of how they want their children to look, which might involve keeping their hair clean and looking a certain way. 

Read on for information about some of the benefits of long hair for boys, along with a list of some of the coolest long hairstyles to rock this summer!

The benefits of long hair for boys include:

Less time taking care of short haircuts, especially in middle school and before a growth spurt.

Increased self-confidence and self-confidence on the field.

Protective from the sun and other environmental damage.

Aerodynamic for ball sports.

It is often times that children are too young to have long hairstyles and in the summer months, the desire is to sport short haircuts to get some sun exposure and for mom to braid. 

When playing baseball or other sports, wearing longer styles enables the hair to block the sun and keep their skin cooler than short styles.

After a growth spurt, boys may not want long hair and may decide to take care of short styles. Sometimes the boys want to know what is happening to their hair. 

They may look into hot oil treatments for hair and find a middle ground between the benefits of long hair and short styles.

6 Cool and Different Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long hair has long and obvious natural growth patterns. Typically, these types are for boys. 

Their long hair usually starts at the crown of the head, runs a few inches below the top of the head, reaches the shoulder at most, then curls around and down. 

These styles are meant to be used as accessories in the future, for a boy with a classic, long haired style. 

Examples of long hair for boys that would be used as accessories in the future include boy braids, knots, flat braids, ring braids, dutch braids, cornrows, twists and dreadlocks.

What different styles can you expect to find in this section? Let's look at 6 of the most popular long hair styles for boys. 

1. Low School Cut There are two distinct styles that are used to describe the low school cut. The first, known as the “Lob” is short with a short back and sides. 

2. Now second one known as the “Minim,” is a shorter version of the bob with a more extreme and severe back and sides. 

The next haircuts that are used to describe the low school cut are the Side Skirt, Trap, and the Plait

3. The Side Skirt is short with the same side swept back as the bob. 

4. The Trap is a longer version of the Side Skirt with the top swept back like the drape hairstyle. 

5. The Plait is exactly what it sounds like, a more extreme version of the Side Skirt with the sides swept away like the drape.

6. Curly Twists or Cornrows, for Boys

Curly twists, or cornrows, are short cornrows that can be naturally straightened or curled with products. Sometimes the natural hair is short and choppy. It is often groomed or kept on long. 

It is also used for hairstyles in the future. It is longer than the regular cornrows or twists that are used for long hair. One simple way to do a curly twist is to comb the cornrow, then put hair products, such as the tiny pea sized amount that most hair bands require, on the cornrow. 

You put a small section of hair in the wrap. You pull the wrap tighter on the cornrow, while you secure it. 

Then, you pull the wrap around and loosen it a little. You continue to pull and loosen the wrap until it reaches the middle of the cornrow, then you pull it away.

With the wrap still wrapped around the cornrow, you repeat the steps above. The cornrow will be a little tighter around the cornrow, but the loose loop in the bottom, will fall out as the wrap loosens.

How to Style Long Hair for Boys

Going for long hair is not all about a look for the boys. Hair styling is a very important part, so choosing the right hairdo is extremely important, especially for boys. 

With the fast development of the current trends, it is increasingly difficult to pick out the one that will fit the boy. It is not always easy, as the look may be different from the one it’s styled like. 

Finding the right hair style for boys is no more as complicated as we all used to think. With the help of a little knowledge, it can be easily achieved. 


As you can see, there are many good reasons why long hair can be a good idea for children. They grow fast! You might not want to cut your child’s hair if they’re not completely grown yet.

But, if they’re past the toddler stage, they can be persuaded. When we talk about hair growth, we’re not just talking about length. 

There are some growth patterns that are conducive to keeping the hair longer for longer. Many boys don’t lose their hair or it continues to grow. 

By adding natural products like aloe vera, we can keep their heads protected from the sun, which can lead to faster hair growth.

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