Face Yoga: Exercises That Make Your Face Glow And Look Younger.

Face Yoga

face yoga

Not only women, but everyone has the greatest aspiration to be beautiful and they are trying their best to achieve it and whether it succeeds or not, the efforts continue tirelessly. 

However the reality is that over time the beauty corrodes with time and it starts to fade. However, with a little effort, you can always look younger. 

Here we find information about face-exercises and yoga that will make your face wrinkle-free screen free of wrinkles. 

For this you have to follow some very simple steps and get a beautiful screen. Which is as per here.

- Press the middle finger of both hands between the eyebrows and press the index finger to the outer ear of the eyebrow.

- Try to look upwards (to the ceiling) without shaking the dock at all.

- Feel light.

- Do this process six times and close your eyes tightly for 10 seconds at the end.


Relieves swelling and puffiness around the eyes and has no wrinkles near the eyes.

Smile smooth

- Cover the teeth with the lips and make an 'O' rope on the inside.

- Smile as much as possible. Do this process (exercise) at least six times.

- After this keep the index finger on the chin rather than the smile.

- Tilt the head back slightly and relax by shaking the jaw up and down and do this procedure twice.


This procedure prevents wrinkles on the cheeks and prevents the skin from becoming loose.

Smooth bro line

- Place all four fingers of both hands on the head between the eyebrows and the hairline.

- Massage with light pressure on the outside.

- Relax. Do this process 10 times.


 Tightens the skin by removing fine lines on the head (forehead).

Attractive Eyes

- Keep the index finger under both eyes.

- Remove both lips from each other inwards, covering the teeth with the lips.

- Try to look at the ceiling without shaking the neck. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.


Very beneficial for puffy eyes and eyebrow uplift.

Eye Circle

- Place the index finger on the outer edge of the eye.

- Tap the eyes from all sides. Follow the shape of the broline and do the same under the eyes.

- Now apply a stroke from the inner corner of the eye to the outside rather than massaging. Do this process 3 times.


 This procedure removes fine lines around the eyes.

 Exercises for the cheeks

- Fill the mouth with air. Close the lips.

- Now transfer air from one cheek to the other. That is, after inflating one cheek, take the same air to the other cheek and inflate the other cheek. Do this for 30 seconds.


As the facial skin hardens it gets a young look.

Jaw exercises

- Keep the thumb below the line and gently pinch the upper part of the joint with the fingers to pull the ear out.


 If the line is uplifted. Get a young look.

Yoga for the lips

- Tilt the head down and kiss upwards.

- Relax. Exhale and kiss our Sami side.

- Relax and repeat this process again.


This helps to get rid of fine lines around the lips. The neck and jawline are also uplifted.

Lion Face

- Take a deep breath. Exhale, open your mouth as much as possible and also stick out your tongue.

- Stretch the tongue as much as possible towards the chin.

- Relax. Do this three times.


This exercise tones the muscles of the face and neck.


- Tap on the whole face with the fingertips.

- Now rub the face with the palms. Cover his eyes when the palms are warm. Take a deep breath and let the facial muscles relax.

- Take a deep breath again and return to normal.

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